The ultimate FREE simple safe reusable identity Verification App,
providing infallible online security and privacy for 4.2 billion online users

1 Easy To Use App - 3 Products - Many Features

  1. iVerified Anonymous One Click Login
  2. iVerified Instant Verification Check
  3. iVerified Easy Autofill Forms

Did you know?

You can login anonymously to any iVerified enabled site with one click eliminating the need for usernames and passwords, with no personal browsing details stored.

iVerified for Consumers

Unprecedented security and performance features

Guaranteed Anonymity

With technology that ensures there is no direct digital link to your personal information

Device Based Verification

Details are never sent to third parties for verification

Once Only Verification

You will never have to engage in the process again

Unprecedented Security

Blockchain technology underpins our platform protecting your data

Fast Verification

Confirmation provided within 20 seconds or less

The Most Options

Verification platform recognises more than 900 different identity documents


Average recognition time 500 ms


Works offline without internet connection


Low memory footprint


Direction at angle and in low light

Download the App from

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Did you know?

Our iVerified app is designed to ensure your sensitive verification documents are processed on your device and not in the cloud, providing unprecedented security and anonymity.

iVerified Happy Consumers

Our consumers feel safe about their security and love our easy to use app.

How does it work?

You can use iVerified to prove your identity and age without releasing your sensitive personal information.
It’s simple

  1. Download the App from Google Play or the App Store
  2. Choose the Verification Option that’s right for you
  3. Click on the iVerified button on any partner site and you will receive instant anonymous access

Did you know?

The platform uses a range of computer vision, machine learning, human review and blockchain to deliver unprecedented security protecting sensitive information without relying on a central repository of personal identity documents.

iVerified is committed to the protection of children worldwide and provides free age verification tools to the adult industry.
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